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Dr. Romila Tete – Trustee/Member Dr. Romila Tete is a highly respected member of our team, bringing her expertise as an educationist and a passion for empowering individuals through knowledge. Hailing from a remote village in Jharkhand, she understands the transformative power of education in breaking barriers and creating opportunities.

Currently working as a lecturer in a Government Education College in Darbhanga district, Bihar, Dr. Romila holds an impressive academic background. She has earned degrees ranging from Bachelor’s to Doctorate in various disciplines, including History. Her vast knowledge and understanding of educational systems contribute to the development and implementation of our educational programs.

Dr. Romila is a life member of YMCA Gaya and actively engages in activities that promote literacy, cultural exchange, and social awareness. Her commitment to social justice and her expertise in the field of education enrich our organization’s initiatives and help create a positive impact on the communities we serve.